The Teaching Transfer Initiative 

The Teaching Transfer Initiative is an academic outreach pilot program led by the Office of the Provost and managed by the McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning at Princeton University. Designed to encourage community college students to explore and transfer to four-year institutions, the program will invest in the community college sector by expanding Princeton’s teaching and advising capacity outward. The program is currently hiring an initial cohort of visiting faculty fellows. To learn more, please visit the Teaching Transfer Initiative website. 

Princeton University Transfer Program 

The Transfer Scholars Initiative is wholly separate from Princeton’s undergraduate transfer program. Transfer Scholars are welcome to apply to transfer to Princeton so long as they meet the eligibility criteria. But it is not the goal of TSI to be a pipeline to Princeton specifically. TSI’s coursework and transfer success programming are instead designed to elevate students’ prospects for applying successfully to a wide range of selective schools, and provide tools of discernment for students to determine what schools will be the best fit for them.